Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ana Tzarev Gallery

ANA TZAREV May Afternoon at St. Mark’s (Venice), 1996 oil on linen

Listening to Juilliard musicians in this gallery transported me to the many places depicted in the paintings by Ana Tzarev in her exhibition entitled “Places to Remember.” This artist has a unique way of capturing light using vibrant colors to convey her impressions of some of the magnificent cultural centers in Europe. The pianist and cellist played Schumann’s Fantasy Pieces Op.73 as my eyes wandered from painting to painting and as I reminisced about my own experiences: praying in NĂ´tre Dame in Paris, docking in the harbor of Ville Franche on board a friend's huge yacht, dressing up for a masquerade ball during the Venice Carnival, meandering up and down the Venetian canals with my lover on a gondola with the oarsman singing Volare where Music and Love prevailed.

Onwards to a tribute to Tchaikovsky, None but the Lonely Heart (for Clarinet and Piano) but there were no lonely hearts this evening, only hearts filled with enchantment and beauty. The Russian music brought me to Tzarev’s midnight views of St. Petersburg’s Church of The Savior on the Blood and The Night of St. Basil’s in Moscow. Golden angels danced in royal blue skies overlooking the frozen ground frosted with snow. The climate cold but the hearts of people warm.

A change in pace. The pianist and violinist play Schumann’s Sonata in A minor. My mind gazed at palm trees lining the port in Monte Carlo. Scintillating stars bounced off the gentle, rippling waves making their way to the shore and then, rolling back out to sea. The sea of life is like the circle of life. Beginnings, middles and ends filled with joy, wonder and adventure at least in this fantasy land. I think I’ll stay and dream a little bit longer before returning to the realities of human existence. Fly, fly, fly away to dream land.

Ana Tzarev is one of my favorite galleries in New York City. For more information about upcoming events, please visit this Web site: and enjoy their program of activities.